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“Understanding how tourists' eating habits benefit the restaurants in Jamaica, and determine if Jamaican cuisines are being effectively marketed online”
Lori-Gaye Tennant 10T10647
Faithlyn Murray-Hinds – 01T247 in Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science
Tourism, Hospitality, & Entertainment Management
Excelsior Community College
Research Methodology (RMTD3401)

Date: March 13, 2018

Literature Review
Food is considered as a reflection of the culture of a country and its people. It is therefore, the ideal product to offer as an attraction in a destination and can be used as a marketing tool (Colen & Aviele, 2004). Food has been improved and reorganized to focus more on destination
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Can social media be used as an effective marketing research tool?
As a result of the study, stakeholders within the Tourism Sector will benefit by understanding the correlation between a region’s food and culture, they will be better able to brand, market, target and position the destination if they understand the usefulness of social media in the decision making process and the importance of utilizing the available platforms to get tourists’ attention.
Therefore, destinations who can provide gastronomical experiences will find themselves within the gastronomy tourism sector. Thereby, upgrading their facilities and train staff to meet tourists’ expectations. By positioning themselves in the designated market they will also benefit from an increase in tourist’s visits, boost sales and grow the island’s Gross Domestic Profit (GDP). It is also hoped that the findings will be helpful to academics, tourism organizations and destination marketing organizations (DMO).
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