Public Corporations

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The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is an agency of the United States federal government that holds the primary responsibility for the enforcement of federal security laws, regulation of the security industry, nations stock and opinion exchanges and other activities and organizations including electronic markets in the United States (The Laws That Govern the Securities Industry, 2014). The main mission of the United States Securities and Exchange has been to protect investors, maintain affair, orderly and efficient markets and facilitate capital formation especially where more first time investors turn to the markets to help secure their futures, pay for their homes and send children to college hence the need for investor protection. It offers a public wealth of educational information on their internet website that is inclusive of EDGAR database that discloses documents which public companies are required to file with the commison.It works closely with the congress, other federal departments and agencies, state securities regulators and self-regulatory organizations. Mergers have been done due to convergence of high concentration of more profits, slowing economy, cuts in governmental funding and government scrutiny which has mostly contributed to merger rush. Merger generally involves the integration of all programmatic administrative functions of multiple organizations to increase efficiency, program quality, hence it entails joining two entities to enhance the performance of one or both organizations (Gaughan, 2005). Merger of corporations always has some benefits. These benefits range from decision –making process where an organization is expected to gain from the merger due to better improvement to th... ... middle of paper ... leadership, differentiation and uniqueness of the goods and services, low cost to the goods that are produced and forced differentiation between the goods for their to be increase in profits. There is need for the minimizing of costs or differentiating the products by adding special features to the products. Works Cited About Amazon . (2014, May 21). Retrieved May 21, 2014, from Amazon: Gaughan, P. A. ( 2005). Mergers : What Can Go Wrong and How to Prevent It. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons. Montgomery, C. A., & Porter, M. E. (1991). Stra tegic choices : seeking and securing competitive advantage. Boston: Harvard Business School Press,. The Laws That Govern the Securities Industry. (2014, May 21). Retrieved May 21, 2014, from US Securities and Exchange Commission:
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