Public Administration As A Public Administrator

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Throughout my time at Northern Arizona University, I have taken multiple classes in the field of public administration. I have previously taken various public administration courses such as: Introduction to Public Administration, Organizational Theory and Application, Personnel Administration in the Public Sector, Public Budgeting and Finance, Ethics and Policy Administration, Research Methods in the Social Sciences, and lastly, Managing Change in 21st Century Organizations. I gained vast amounts of knowledge regarding public administration due to these courses. As a result of studying public administration, I have specifically learned about budgeting, leadership roles, differences between the public and private sector, and the roles of public administrators in government. Not only did I learn about public administration, I also learned about myself and why I want to be a public administrator. After reading through the syllabus, there appear to be many direct linkages between this course and the previous courses that I have participated in. The first module focuses on external pressures on public administration. I learned about external forces on public administrators in Introduction to Public Administration, and Managing Change in the 21st Century. Though Introduction to Public Administration only gave a vague overview of external pressures, Managing Change gave greater detail on how there are forces outside of government, including citizens, interest groups and private sector companies who all will influence the decision making process. These same courses also focused on the internal pressures within organizations and government that will also impact the decision-making processes of public administrators. Budgeting is also ... ... middle of paper ... ...n. I can understand how learning how to create a survey or questionnaire could be useful as a public administrator, but as far as creating experiments in social settings, I felt that I would never use that. One class that I found to be challenging was Budgeting in the Public Sector. This class was not as academically challenging for me as it was mentally challenging. I understand that budgeting in the public sector is exceptionally different than budgeting in the private sector. However, I believe that many of the budgeting practices that public agencies use are hopeless. Though we learned about other budgeting options like zero based budgeting, it felt as if it would be impossible to get a public organization to change from their old budgeting practices. This class left me feeling frustrated with an area of public administration that definitely needs to be fixed.

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