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Many people kill for the thrill of it, but thanks to psychologist it is understood, why a person acts the way it does. This has a lot to do with the childhood of the individuals. Another fact that the psychologists may agree is that the early stage of life is the most important to a person. So is the parents do not perform a well job when raising the infant then it may impact the child in the long run. One thing that was discovered by reading many empirical articles on psychopaths was that, there is no such thing as a good serial killer, because everyone gets caught. Once their serial killers have been discovered the persecutor may not know the reason to why they killed plethora of people. After psychologists investigated and interrogated the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that many people kill for the thrill of it, but thanks to psychologists it is understood, why a person acts the way it does.
  • Analyzes how the social cognitive theorist albert bandura discovered that a person forms himself or herself in the image of another, identifying this as modeling.
  • Explains that a child tends to take the parents behavior only because that is who they might look up to and that may be the only behavior exposed to that child.
  • Explains that psychopaths are one of the top diagnostic mental disorders for a serial killer.
  • Explains that every psychopath that walks on the earth has common characterizes as others. psychopaths do not show emotions and are extremely aggressive.

Many famous social developments on behaviorism psychologies did studies all of their life trying to figure out why people have the drive to kill. “Some psychologists view criminal behavior as a function of a disturbed personality structure” (Senna 1996). It all has to do with the personality. The personality is what makes and shape the person. So if an individual has a disturbed personality, it most likely means they will have an aggressive anti-social behavior. They found out that the reason they are a psychopath is because it is linked to their childhood. It is important that a person is not over-diagnosed with a mental disorder because, the united states are really well known for that. “Children that are violent towards other animals and grow up in a poor living environment are prone to having a personality disorder, so being exposed to this madness leads people into becoming a psychopath which will finish them in jail” (Friedman 2012). There are theories, different types of disorders and common characteristics with each serial killer that leads to them being a serial …show more content…

As Ronson elaborated in his ted-talk, “the lack of empathy, the glibness, cunning, manipulative… in fact, capitalism, perhaps at its most remorseless, is a physical manifestation of psychopathy” (Ronson 2012). These are common characteristics that psychopaths share, it is irony, but it is said that psychopaths do not really show emotions and are extremely aggressive. One of the popular excuses that psychopath used is plea insanity. “Many people who are depressed, suffer mood disorders, or have a psychopathic personality can be found legally sane” (Senna 1996). Most of the type psychopaths do not function like a normal human being would. “Research evidence indicates that psychopaths who are high on the egocentric, callous, and exploitative dimension have low trait anxiety and show poor conditioning of fear” (Fowles & Dindo, 2006; Lykken, 1995; Patrick, 2005). Therapist and psychologist have found treatment to improve help those with mental disorders, but being that they are in denial is what reacts people to not curse the

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