Psychoosis And Violence In In Cold Blood By Truman Capote

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How can it be that four members of a family, such as the Clutters, could have been murdered in cold blood? Who would want to commit such a horrible crime? What could the killer’s motivation be? These are key points and questions for the book “In Cold Blood”.
I chose the book, “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote. I think that this book is a good source for the theme of psychosis and violence. My main interest in this book and its underlying theme is found in my own personality. I am a people watcher. I like to watch people interact with each other and examine how they get along, mesh or even be socially pleasant while in the other’s presence only to hate the other person behind their back. A person with a psychosis, a severe mental disorder in
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I also hope to look at it in a nature vs. nurture aspect. In the end I hope to come away more enlightened and educated on the topic of psychosis and violence as seen through the literary analysis of “In Cold Blood”, by Truman Capote. The book is not trying to hide who committed the murders, right in the introduction of Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, the reader knows who the killers are and also who they have killed. The mystery is however in that anyone, including the team of investigators, has to discover the identity of the murderers and what the motive of the murderers…show more content…
Capote shows this with his polar opposite views of the two worlds, one of Dick and Perry and the other of the Clutters. This is meant to imply that in an orderly universe these two worlds would not intertwined. Harmony between humanity and nature, reflected in the autumn setting at the beginning of the book, is disrupted by the murders. The community is perplexed and frightened; its sense of order is shaken to its core by the inexplicable nature of the

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