Psychoopathology: The Causes Of Mental Health

There’re attitudes existing within our modern society that views psychopathology along with it’s symptoms as threatening and serves great discomfort for most people.

The attitudes that’re often displayed openly by people of the public conjures concepts not only stigma but discrimination towards individuals experiencing mental health problems. These reactions based on stigma and discrimination proved to be very common, especially when individuals who’re in possession of mental illness are brave enough to disclose they’ve got a mental health issue and such admissions such as these are often met with alarming frequency when it comes to social exclusions. ( This of course, could fall into both categories of both social and within the work
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The social stigma that associates with mental health issues certainly had multiple causes. Throughout history individuals with mental health issues had been treated differently,mostly excluded and even brutalized.
This treatment may derived from the misguided perception that people with mental health issues may be more violent and unpredictable than people without mental problems. Or maybe somehow these clients just happened to be “different”, but none of these beliefs had any basis in facts ( Swanson, Holzer, Ganju & Jono, 1990). Early beliefs about the causes of mental health issues, such as demonic or spirit possession, were ‘explanations’ that would certainly give rise to reactions of not only fear but discrimination. Even the medical model of mental health issues is itself an unrelenting source of stigmatizing beliefs. First, the medical model implied that mental health issues were on a par with physical illnesses and may derive from medical or physical dysfunction in some way ( especially when many may not be simply reducible to biological nor medical causes). This itself implied that people with mental health issues were in some way ‘different’ from ‘normally’ functioning
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