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Being in my psychology class I have learned more ever before about psychology. This course was a great class because it was a lot of things I learned. It is a few thing that I learned this semester in this psychology class that I will remember most. For example, memory, children, and disorders. The reason I find I will remember these three things the most is because I can relate to all of this in some way.In memory it have three different stages of memory. According to the Atkinson-Shiffrin model the three different stages of memory are sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. But before you could have some stage of memory you have some sense of member and to do that the information is enclosed, stored, and retrieved. The…show more content…
When the baby is born a boy tend to be a little heavier than a girl. The average in a newborn boy is about 71/2 pounds while the girl is about 7 pounds. But by the baby 's first birthday both boy and girl weight would triple and would have added 10 inches to their height. I Have two nephew and I was there for both of their deliveries one weighed at 7.3pound and the other weighed at 7.5 pound. There was one theorist that stood out to me.
The theorist that stood out to me was the stage theorist that kohlberg argued. Kohlberg argued that kids progress at different stages and that all kids do not reach the highest stage. And I will remember this. The reason is because I believe this is true. My next topic is disorder.
There are a lot of different disorders like anxiety disorders,obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, Trauma- and stressor related disorders, dissociative disorders, somatic symptom and related disorders, mood disorders, and personality disorders.But there is only one that stood out to me the
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And this disorder is when someone has mood swings. Their mood change between two extreme poles. The two extreme poles are elation and depression. And people that are bipolar most of the time sleep sleep more than usual.The second disorder in mood disorder is depressive disorders.
About half of the people with major depressive disorder experience a lot of symptoms like poor appetite, serious weight loss, and agitation or psychomotor retardation. With psychomotor retardation it is slowness in motor activity and (apparently)in thought. The third mood of disorder is suicide.
There are about 38,000 people in the United states that kill themselves. Some of the time it runs in the family when someone killed themselves. Suicide is connected to feelings of depression, stressful events, age, educational status, ethnicity, and gender. The way suicide relates to me is because I have lost someone that I was friends with from suicide. There was a lot I did not know before I took on this psychology class.
It is two things I learned from this class that I did not know at first and know know that I will always remember. The two things are the eye and about salivation. The eye was a great topic to learn up

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