Psychology Reflection

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Upbringing, surroundings and experiences (both good and bad) are all influences that shape our greatest heroes and also our greatest enemies. Psychology is stated as the study of the mind and behavior; well in order to operate anything you must first understand how it works. What if the power to mold the next great leader or terrorist was within reach simply because one possessed the knowledge of how the mind worked. Striving to stay ahead of the opposition or competition is what makes this country and its people great. I am taking this course in order to understand the dynamics that effect the human mind; I want to know how the mind works in order to ensure I surround myself with a like-minded network capable of moving forward in order to…show more content…
The thought of learning about the structure of the human mind intrigued me. I saw a path to understand how resistant but also fragile the mind could be and what events pushed to one extreme or another. We were 18-24 year olds that experience Stockholm syndrome; we grew a respect and admiration on our abuser. Even with us performing as one, some the change was harder. I and others quickly developed the alpha male mindset where we strived to be the very best of 52. Why did that only happen to some? Why did some let the fear over power and defeat them? Learning more about the process of we can be controlled or what shaped our personalities pushed me to take a psychology course. The description stated it would include lessons in personality development. This also grabbed my interest. In my last career while in training we completed the True colors personality test. I learned I was heavy orange with a blind spot blue. Orange is stated as witty, charming, spontaneous, impulsive, generous, impactful, optimistic, eager, bold, physical, immediate, fraternal. I read this description and it nailed my personality. Those 12 words summed me up. Yes, there are variances here and there but the 12 words nailed
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