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I have always been curious to know why people did certain things and behaved the way they did. I was that curious child, asking my parents question after question. Eventually my parents decided to stop answering my questions; this left me with no other option but to use my imagination. I enjoy observing people, when I see people cry, fight or be happy, I always wonder what triggered those emotions and why some people were more emotional than others. To this day, these curiosities run through my mind. When I was a little bit older, I discovered that there was a field dedicated to the study of the mind and behavior and that field is psychology. I have always wanted to study how the body and diseases works so I put two together and made my decisions …show more content…

I believe that perspective plays a vital role to developing good critical thinking, as well as listening and speaking skills. However, just because someone is sociable and is a good thinker does not mean psychiatry is the best field of study to choose for a career, so I had to go deeper in my quest to see if this was the right decision. I decided that my next step was to take a few general psychology courses at my local community college to confirm my interest in psychology. Once I started taking these courses, my interest in psychology grew and I was reassured that psychology was the field I wanted to study. I also took some sciences classes and they ended up being really interesting although they were a lot harder than the psychology classes. I believe Psychiatry isn't just about studying the mind and behavior; it is also an opportunity to help people which I plan to do as a career. I know becoming a psychiatrist isn’t something that can be accomplished easily. I will need to prepared to attend school for a very long time, have motivation, have grit and to have goals set up to which I can …show more content…

I’m already half way to getting my bachelor’s degree. My first half of school was at a community college and now I’m here at San Jose State. I wasn’t the best student in high school so at Chabot I learned how to become a better student. I believe this will get me through the next two years. Passing classes is easier said than done. I need to stay ahead of my classes so I don’t get behind and study for all my classes. After graduating with my bachelor’s in psychology, I plan on taking additional science courses to prepare me for the MCAT. Although it it’ll be ideal to get accepted to a school in California, I plan on applying to schools all over the country. If I don’t get into a school in California it will give me the opportunity to travel and live somewhere else for up to six years which sounds a little scary but at the same time exciting. After completing medical school, I will become a doctor and apply for jobs in

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