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In a freshman psychology class, a student learns many various things. A student can learn about what exactly is the psychology to what is considered language. In my intro to psych class, I can say I learned more things than I would learn in a psychology class. Some of the things that I learned that left an impact on my brain were heuristics, things needed to perform a case study, learning, and stress. Those five things that I learned definitely made me think of the world differently in ways I never would of before taking psychology. The first thing that really made think differently was heuristics. According to Heuristics is a mental shortcut that allows people to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently. During one of…show more content…
A case study is a research design that examines one person or a small number of people in depth often over an extended time period. The things that a doctor or a scientist need to do to perform a case study are informed consent, protection for the participant, and deception and debriefing. Informed consent is needed to actually perform the case study. A doctor needs to actually make sure the participant is protected and does not come to harm. Lastly, the doctor needs to have a session where they tell you step by step what happened during the procedure. As a student going into the medical field and dealing with patients ever day, it was an eye opener about all the things actually happen when doing a case study. What was even more shocking was that a group of doctors and scientists performed an experiment on a group of people in Tuskegee without their consent. Those people did not even know they were in an experiment and to make matters worse the doctors did not tell them that they had a cure for their disease. Ever since it has been introduced to me I always thought that the slang kids made up were considered language. After learning what language I had realized that it is not a language at all. According to psychology language is the largely arbitrary system of communication that combines symbols (such as words and gestural signs) in rule-based ways to create meaning. Our slang…show more content…
In the memory chapter, we learned about different ways to store important information and where they are actually are stored. The different methods that we learned about where chunking, elaborative rehearsal, and rehearsal. Without realizing it I was already doing those things I just did not know the name of it. I realized I cannot just say this is an important memory I have to use the rehearsal method to store it longer in my brain. Now knowing the different ways to store memory I can use them to help me study better and help me remember important

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