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Psychology can be traced back to the times of the ancient Greeks. Psychology’s relevance dates back into the time before Christ and back to the present day to help all mental illnesses. Wilhelm Wundt was one of the first to study psychology in the mid 1800’s. He opened the world’s first psychology lab in 1879 which led to the start of psychology as an individual study or degree. Psychology went as far back as 387 B.C. when Plato said “the brain is the power of mental processes.” One would say that psychology became an important career in 1848 when it helped to diagnose or prove Phineas Cage’s condition. In 2002, the White House President George W. Bush promoted a legislation that would ensure comprehensive mental coverage.
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Firstly, dealing with the insurance and billing issues can be frustrating. Secondly working with clients on a daily basis can have an emotional drain on the psychologist. Working hours can be extended based on certain clients. On the other hand, being a psychologist also has some perks. Some of these advantages are flexible working hours, potential to earn a very high salary, may own a privat4e business and meet and help a lot of people. The job market for psychologists in San Diego is large. There are a number of jobs in this area. The current economic downturn has helped psychologists by bringing in a need for psychological assistance. There are not really any local psychologist jobs in this area. Each and everyday something will happen in your society or community. Overall these problems are caused by individuals that need some type of mental assistance. This is where psychologists come in. There is a psychologist to help with every aspect of one’s society or community. There are psychologists to help prevent or help with divorce, murder, suicides and several other common problems that people face every day. So one would think that psychologists are the people who help keep the world in some type of good spot. You would say that people who are a psychologist are gifts from God to help keep his people in as good a place as

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