Psychology Assignment On Personality

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Name: Azalia Villanueva Date: 22 Octuber, 2017 Submitted To: Ms. Marilyn Tulcey Subject: Psychology Assignment essay Personality Every human being on earth is born unique. Every person has different personality from one another. Personality is a unique combination of pattern that influence behavior, though, motivation and emotion in human being. Our personality determs the person who we truly today and how we interact in the society. Personalities make up our character whereby when comparing our self to another person you will find out that there are many things different about you to that person. Personality starts when we are a child and continue changing when growing. Our personalities develop through education and experience. They…show more content…
Genetic is the science of studying how living thing pass on characteristic or traits and its variations in their cell make up from one generation to the other. Genetic makeup of human being is important for gender, skin, color of the eye and hair and the height. As we know we inherit our traits from our parent and this is the reason why our physical appearance might have some similarities to our parents. Personality can be affect on people sense of self control, their social and learning abilities. Genetic factors also can influence the role of certain environmental factors in the development of a particular trait. The twin studies researchers use it to examine the role of genes in the development of traits and also conducted to measure the degree of genetic and environment influence on a specific traits. The identical twin known as monozygotic were the gender is the same and share hundred percent of genes and the fraternal also known as the monozygotic were the gender is opposite and share fifty percent of genes. There are different type of personality model such as the big five model which describe the type of personality. The big five model include openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. In the relational time aging can affect the personality because the older a person get the personality tend to
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