Psychological Theory And Therapeutic Practice

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The combination of Psychological theory, research and therapeutic practice plays an essential role in the success of this modern society. Counselling Psychologists empower people, in the formation of help and guidance, sending them on a unique inquest so they can flourish within this infinitely changing world. Our mental health is just as crucial as our bodily health in order to function to our full potential, and ignorance of the past is no longer clouding this breakthrough. Amongst all things, maintenance is necessary every now and again, so why would it be any different when dealing with our mental health? Supporting others in the complexities of our environment is extremely attractive to me for several reasons and this degree will equip me with the best chance towards developing a deeper understanding behind Psychology, Mental Health and Counselling. My Exploration and study of these topics so far has only fuelled my interest further, propelling me towards the realisation of wanting to study Counselling Psychology at degree level. I have spent time thinking closely about what I really want to do and within this duration I have been working two part-time jobs as-well as completing an Access to HE in Science entirely though independent study. During work hours, I occasionally get the opportunity to listen to customer’s thoughts, struggles as they open up to about their life. I always try provide them with a rational and helpful non-judgmental response. Listening to customers open up is something I take great pride in, and love being trusted to offer them guidance. I believe I have personal quality’s which allows someone to feel comfortable enough to express deep thoughts and open up with. Studying counselling psychology is a t... ... middle of paper ... ...a have prepared me with knowledge of ethical guidelines, of which I understand are extremely important while practising as a Counselling Psychologist. After this degree, I plan gain invaluable practical experience branching into Counselling Psychology. I have currently began searching for some work experience which is directly relevant to the course. Within the foreseeable future, it is possible I may wish to persist further with my education in the form of a master’s degree, such as becoming an Art Psychotherapist. This will allow me to incorporate my impetuous passion of raw expression and quite literally get creative with treatments, in a process that will articulate patient’s thoughts and feelings within beautiful works of art. This would truly be a new lease for me, with wonderful possibilities. I hope we get the chance to discuss this all further. Many thanks
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