Psychological Theories Of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialists

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According to the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (2015), the main tenants of psychiatric rehabilitation are recovery, community integration, and the improved quality of life for individuals with mental health conditions which seriously impair their quality of life. Services provided are individualized and collaborative element of the health and human services spectrum that are rely on evidence-based treatments (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, 2015). People employed as Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialists (PRS) assist individuals in developing skills and accessing resources that increase their capacity to live meaningful lives. To demonstrate, there are many children who suffer from emotional disturbances
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Before the PSR workers allows behavioral therapy normally they will tell the parent to watch their child closely, and keep a journal of what is going on at home. After they watch their child for a little they will consult with a PSR worker or therapist and start from there. If a child is having substantial behavioral issues they should go to a behavior therapist. A behavior therapist will help with relaxation tips and training, talk to child, teach coping tips and skills, and give stress management strategies. One of the strategies for treating rehabilitation is treating the child with respect. “Children with behavioral and emotional disorders require intensive behavior therapy tools to help them deal with triggers on a daily basis, and outside pressures. Another strategy is applied behavior analysis.” (Kids Mental Health, 2009). This technique will allow the PSR to analyze the behaviors of the child and teach them a better way to respond to a situation in a much more positive manor. This technique rewards the child for positive behavior, and will punish the child for any negative behavior. Another strategy is play therapy that is for younger children. (Kids Mental Health, 2009). This type of therapy allows the child to role play and act out their issues and show common issues with a sensory object such as a doll “Children with behavioral issues need to have some type of therapy that allows them to express…show more content…
In this paper, methods and strategies from the Behavioral Approach were discussed in regard to assisting children suffering from emotional disturbances and maladaptive behaviors in order to help them achieve bettr family relationships, peer interactions, coping strategies concerning their aggression, as well as help honing their social skills, and academic difficulties. Further, it addressed how the PRS 's can use the behavioral approach in this situation, as well as detailed behavioral, cognitive, and social strategies for rehabilitating children who are suffering with emotional disturbances and maladaptive

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