Psychological Harm Hurts More

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“Growing up in a violent home is one of the most terrifying and traumatic experiences a child can go through.” Violence in homes can be domestic abuse between parents, extended family and children. One hand, this has been a recurring problem and should have more exposure in our societies through the use of education. On the other hand, once violence in the family has occurred and the police were notified, the situation tends to get worse between each family member, especially children. The current methods of dealing with violence in homes those children are exposed to whether they are between spouses, families or, children and parents, do more harm than good. The way to solve the problem of the aftermath trauma for young children should not be more emphasis on just physical abuse, but psychological as well.
Before getting into the main argument, it is important to establish the definition of “trauma” in this issue. Trauma, defined by Google, is “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” This can be physical trauma such as bruises, swelling, broken bones and ripped hair or it can be psychological trauma. Now, how are children affected by this? Any kind of violence has a process: getting angry for any reason, whether it is to discipline someone, proving a position of power amongst the parents or, drug/alcohol influence then the reaction is usually severe. If the reaction happens in a home, there is usually yelling, throwing of objects, possible weapon use, and physical harm to someone else or themselves and it is very hard to calm down after the reaction has peeked. Imagine at the moment, how a young child would feel. Children often experience sadness, fear, guilt, anger, shame and confusion. So the question becomes wha...

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...hat a family member would sign custody for a child and then leave them to live on their own or even, homeless. The whole problem of violence in the home must be seen from the critical perspective of the child and have their feelings in mind rather than a liability to release. Perhaps the government should invest just as much in policing as they would in foster-homes. Make it more suitable for the child instead of the usual stereotypical isolated, cold, lonely place. A step in the solution is prioritizing psychological safety as much as physical safety.

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