Psychological Conflict In Ounce Of Cure By Margaret Atwood

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In life, a lot of people have psychological conflicts that can result in issues throughout their lives. In “Killings” by Andre Dubus, “Ounce of Cure” by Alice Munro, and “Death by Landscape” by Margaret Atwood each of the authors portray a character who has problems that they face psychologically. These challenges they face can hurt them physically and emotionally causing hardships and struggles throughout their years. In the short story “Killings”, Matt Fowler is the father of Frank Fowler, a young adult only twenty-one years old. He is a nice boy, going to school and has a decent job. It is the summer and he is in an intimate, but rather immature relationship with Mary Ann Strout. She is recently in separation with her husband Richard…show more content…
The narrator falls in love with a boy named Martin Collingwood during her high school years and within in months he left her for another girl. She doesn’t get out much, or really puts off a “sexy” vibe, so to her she was very lucky to have been with Martin. It takes awhile for a girl to get over someone they loved, or still love and that’s exactly what she is trying to do, get over him. “That is what we are apt to do, speaking of love; with adolescent love, of course, its practically obligatory; you would think we sat around, dull afternoons, amusing ourselves with these tidbit recollections of pain. But it really doesn’t make me feel very gay- worse still, it doesn’t really surprise me to remember all the stupid, sad half ashamed things I did that people in love always do” (594). She has reasons to believe that something is wrong with her when there clearly isn’t. Being torn to pieces by someone they adored can stay with someone for a very long time. She tries to numb the pain by stupidly and not even closely “killing” herself by taking one too many aspirin. She always decides to get belligerently drunk while babysitting her neighbors. Now, who’s to say her decision to get drunk was because of her heartbreak, or because she just wanted to try it is beyond anyone. Girls tend to have self-image problems a lot. From trying to fit in with the…show more content…
Throughout her life she has had to deal with loss from mostly everyone who was close to her. Both of her kids have moved out and her husband passed away. She continues to live life as if she is living two separate ones, acting one way when people are around and another when she is alone. When she was growing up she made a dear friend at summer camp. They became very close throughout the years they spent at that camp between the ages of nine and thirteen. Lucy was her friend. Lucy is included with the people who Lois has lost in her life. Lucy became distant after a few years during summer camp. Her parents had been divorced and she started being rebellious with boys and such. Lois and Lucy were on a hike with a few other people. Lucy went off to go to the bathroom and Lois heard a harsh scream. No one thought anything of it so went back to the camp. Everyone realized that Lucy was gone and no one could find her. The blame was put onto her and it breaks her heart because she had nothing to do with the disappearance of her friend. “How could you ever find anything there, once it was lost? Maybe if they cut it all down, drained it all away, they might find Lucy’s bones, some time, where ever they are hidden” (1106). Lois has fear of nature and the wilderness because what had happened in the past. Lois paints pictures of the wilderness and nature and every time she looks at them she sees
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