Psychological Approach to Little Red Riding Hood

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Psychological Approach to “Little Red Riding Hood”

By looking at Broumas’ Little Red Riding Hood you can apply the three Freudian zones of the psychological approach to the poem, which are the id, superego, and ego. The three Freudian zones allow the reader to look at different aspects that is believed to rule our lives. Each zone has a different meaning that interrelates with the other. Broumas’ Little Red Riding Hood has lots of evidence that gives clues to what the main character may have been proposing to her mother.

The id is described as the source of all our aggressions and desires. It is lawless, asocial, and amoral (HCAL 130). The id is our desire to do all of the bad things even though we may know that they are wrong or may have consequences. The author of Little Red Riding Hood, Olga Broumas, gives an example of how she has allowed her id to overcome both her ego and superego. She is a feminist lesbian. In ou...

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...standing of what the poem may mean. My preference, the psychological approach, seemed fit for the many situations that the character was facing. The poem was a little psycho at first but by applying this approach it has helped me to understand not only this poem but some real life situations.


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