Psychological Anxieties in English Literature

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Introduction TheAge of Christopher Marlowe and the Age of D.H.Lawrence diverge in their socio-political-cultural-literary background but the presence of psychological anxieties in all ages is indisputable in the history of mankind, now and then. The characters and their portrayal of their mental pang due to some peculiarity in their thought process depicted in the English literature were immensely appreciated by the public. In renaissance period the hero’s in Gorboduc, The Spanish tragedy, Hamlet & Macbeth, if analyzed, their tragedy caused by fatal flaw in their character, similarly the hero’s in the modern novel like Ulysses, Maurice, The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Mrs Dalloway & Portrait of a lady deals with their contemporary issues expressed through stream of consciousness their character’s suppressed and repressed physical and emotional desires. The concept of intently choosing the hero’s from different age was to demonstrate that each era was subjected to its disturbing issues in the process of a new change for good or not so good in its entity. Author’s background and their treatment of the plot, themes, style and characterization of their Hero’s psychological turmoil in their work are true representation of the spirit of their age. The tragic study of Doctor Faustus and Paul morel’s disintegration as a modern man lay in their psychological struggles within the soul and body but dealing of the subject was powerfully influenced by the prevailing circumstances of its age. The Age of Christopher Marlowe Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus as an individual was an absorption of the spirit of Renaissance, the conception which portrays “the struggle between overweening soul, typically Renaissance in its insatiable ambition, and... ... middle of paper ... ...n that they are the product of their mind and thinking that triggers the feelings to act instinctively and impulsively, spiritually takes away the soul from the body, forcing them to live an unstable life in an unnatural way. Works Cited Studied original text of Doctor Faustus written by Christopher Marlowe Studied original text of Sons and Lovers by D.H.Lawrence L.C.Knights - The Then explorations. William Farnhmad – Twentieth century interpretation of ‘DOCTOR FAUSTUS’ M.C.Bradbrook – Themes and conventions of Elizabethan Tragedy. Rajinder Paul- Sons and Lovers –A critical study Dr.S.Sen- Doctor Faustus – A critical study Douglas Cole - Suffering and evil in the plays of Christopher Marlowe. H.Levin - The Over-Reacher, A study of Marlowe. Humphreys,R. - The Stream of Consciousness in the Modern Novel. Beal, Anthony - D.H.Lawrence selected literary criticism.
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