Psychological And Physical Journey In Araby And John Updike

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Written in the setting of an unknown state in the United States of America and Dublin, Ireland fourty- seven years apart James Joyce “Araby” and John Updikes “A&P” have a similar theme of journey. The two stories are first person narratives of a young boy and his psychological and physical journey. Though differing in Size, distance and purpose the physical journey of the protagonists aid in their character development that leads to a psychological journey and an epiphany, being presented in a first person narrative adds certain biases, which enhances the narrator’s point of view throughout their journey. The physical journey in a short story can vary such as in “Araby” the protagonist travels to a supposed mystical place and in “A&P” the narrator…show more content…
Though it is more of an infatuation as old books he has read skew his perception of love. After Mangan’s sister approaches the narrator he says to her, “If I go… I will bring you something” now the trip to the bazaar is no longer about him but about Mangan’s sister and him purchasing a token of his love. The protagonists’ trip to the bazaar is his physical journey leading up to the psychological journey, his epiphany. The old literature which the protagonist has read shows him that when someone is in love they go on a quest, the trip to the bazaar is the quest that he partakes on for the love of Mangan’s sister. Once the boy reaches the bazaar he realizes it is not the mystical place he believes, it is simply a sale where people are selling cheap objects for high prices, when no one at the bazaar acknowledges his presence he comes to the realization that this trip was in vain, it is at this time that the protagonist acknowledges that it is not love that he felt for Mangan’s sister as only him possessed these feeling and it is not felt for one another. This is the psychological journey of the protagonist, where he realizes that the entirety of not only the trip but his feelings for Mangan’s sister were not genuine, that love is not the emotion he felt, that it is an…show more content…
However if the two short stories did have alternating, or third person narratives the other characters could explain more in depth the situation, such as why in “A&P” the manager is so set in his policies and by the books, which would contribute to the three girls that do not fit in and why he reacts the way he does, allowing for a deeper analysis of the reaction of Sammy, quitting his job, in this story it would also allow another view of the A&P after Sammy quit, showing his replacement, the future of Stokesie, and where the girls were going. This would also allow exposure to the three girls, possibly an explanation to why they were standing out as they were in the setting. First person narrative can however be seen as a positive bias in “Araby” as it allows the unnamed protagonist to be followed from point A to point B in what he believes to be the great quest for his love. This can be seen as a positive with the greater though that is exposed towards the infatuation that is believed to be love by the

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