Psychological Analysis Of Sigmund Freud's Interpretation Of Dreams

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Well known psychologist Sigmund Freud made the statement within his Interpretation of Dreams that “it is only after seeing man as his unconscious, revealed by his dreams, presents him to us that we shall understand him fully. For as Freud said to Putnam: "We are what we are because we have been what we have been.”. This quote supports many Freudian theories that dreams derive from the unconscious mind and represent inner desires. There are many different analyses about the dream theory striving to answer the question “Why do we dream?”. Many psychologists have found that dreams can be caused for various reasons such as a response to stressful situations that arise during the day. Carl Jung’s theories focus on what dreams reveal rather than…show more content…
According to research done by Antti Revonsuo, a Finnish cognitive scientist, our amygdala (the fight-or-flight aspect of the brain) fires more than normal when we are in REM sleep. In REM sleep, the brain fires in similar ways as it does when it is specifically threatened for its survival. The part of the brain that produces motor activity is activated as well and pinches various nerves in the body. Revonsuo and other scientist argued that dreams are an evolutionary adaptation in order to rehearse behaviors of self-defense. These rehearsals enable us to be ready in the real world when our fight-or-flight mechanisms are put to the ultimate test. Those experiencing anxiety are far more likely to have many random, interspersed, and nervous thoughts throughout their sleep. Due to this thought process, it 's possible that an individual’s dreams may cover a wider range of topics than those of an average person. Dreams that derive from stress may contain emotions such as powerlessness, unpreparedness, and feelings of unwanted exposure. The more disturbing a dream appears, the more "leverage" you have to make positive changes in your waking life These specific type of dreams are a way for the subconscious to release inner thoughts and worries that surface throughout the REM sleep…show more content…
Over the years I have journaled many of my own dreams and researched the meaning for my own awareness. The countless hours spent to research and conceptualize the theories composed by many popular psychologists are extremely admirable and advanced. Throughout more recent years I have experienced an increase in the amount of stress dreams or ‘nightmares’. These night terrors typically disrupt my sleep cycle and leave me with an abundance of questions left on the reasoning behind them. As I develop my own career in psychology, I hope to advance the study of dream theory and propose my own research study to conduct my own experiment using the scientific

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