Psychological Analysis Of Serial Killers: Ted Bundy

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“We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands and we are everywhere." This was said by the infamous American serial killer Ted Bundy. Serial killers, mass murders and rapists roam our world behind smiling faces and a charming persona. No one truly knows their nature or characteristics. It is possible to detect a potienal menace to society by their actions, both physically and socially. There are two categories of murderers; Impulsive and premeditated. According to Robert Hanlon, a researcher at Northwestern University, these types diverge both mentally and physically. Impulsive murderers are "much more mentally impaired, particularly cognitively impaired, in terms of both their intelligence and other cognitive functions.” Premeditated…show more content…
James Fallon, an American neuroscientist has studied the minds of psychopaths for 20 years. In 2013, he conducted a research that showed a number of circumstances that can cause psychopathic behavior. A part of the brain called orbital cortex is the area that is thought to be involved in making moral decisions, control of impulse and ethical behavior. Low activity in this part of the brain is common among serial killers. He stated that "People with low orbital cortex activity is either free-wheeling or socio-paths." This means there would be less than normal of things like sex, violence and rage. Psychopathic tendencies are heredity so he also tested DNA in his family that is associated with violence, which led him to the zeroing in the MAO-A gene. It regulates the serotonin in your brain, which controls mood. A lack of this hormone can cause lack of sleep, suicidal behavior and schizophrenia. Dr. Helen Morrison found that serial killers never fully develop a sense of attachment or belonging in the world. This means they don’t give a crap about their victims, this allows them to experiment on them without feeling guilt. She also found that killers (who are men) show their murderous tendencies around puberty due to a chromosome…show more content…
In 2012, Radford University conducted a research into serial killer statistics. They found that, 52.1% of serial killers are white, 40.3% were black, 6.1% are Hispanic and 1.5% is Asian and Native American (0.7 and 0.8). The majority of serial killers are males with a whopping 90.8% while women are only 9.2%. The motive for these horrible acts against humanity is more likely for enjoyment (46.11%) or financial gain (31.68%). Serial killers have an average IQ of 94.7, and surprise guess which county has the highest rate of serial

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