Psychoanalytic Theory Of Personality Development Essay

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As previously stated, Freud established the psychoanalytic theory of personality development. This is his view on how the personality of a person develops into what they essentially are and how they behave. The aspects of this theory indicate that one’s behavior and personality develops from the id, ego, superego, the conscious-unconscious continuum, defense mechanisms, psychosexual development, and other psychological constructs (Nystul, 2016), and it’s important to go over these critical concepts to understand human development. Freud believed the personality was structured into three braches of the id, ego, and superego. The id supplies the energy to the ego and superego and is driven by pleasure of sexual of aggressive manner. The ego is associated with reality as it has a reality-based impact over the other two systems. The superego is the opposites of the ego in terms of it being associated with morals, determining what’s right and wrong, and principles. This is the branch that pushes the personality to strive for perfection. When these 3 braches fight for the “light” or “energy” inside a person it causes endopsychic issues that can cause anxiety or other issues. My client Max is suffering from an anxiety disorder which, through further analysis, could determine if the conflicts of these three aspects could be causing his anxiety. To deal with these conflicts defense mechanisms can be used to cope. Freud claimed that defense mechanisms developed unconsciously whenever the ego is under attack by an endopsyhic conflict (Nysul, 2016). It is argued by Mathew Hugh Erdelvi that Freud's position—that defense mechanisms, including repression which takes a conscious thought and pushes it to the unconscious, could be conscious or unc... ... middle of paper ... ...ionships. This stage is where I also believe Max experienced trouble. Lack of attention from his mom discouraged the development of stronger social skills and when starting a relationship, he doesn’t know how to maintain it or developed it because he is emotionally not ready but doesn’t realize it. Max’s personality development started when he was a child. The lack of attention from his mother caused feelings of inadequacy problems in his social and romantic endeavors as outlined in the psychosexual stages and could be linked to his drinking. A possible cause as to why he can’t maintain or keep a romantic relationship. He uses defense mechanisms of reaction formation and repression to deal with the anxiety associated with it. And his drinking could also be associated with his unknowingly attempts to keep the repressed memories in the unconscious part of his psyche.

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