Psychiatry’s Influence on Patients

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Psychiatry’s Influence on Patients Psychiatry is the study and treatment of a mental illness, emotional disturbance, and abnormal behavior. Due to the fact that 1 in 5 people in both American and Australia, according to government reports, are judged to need mental help, it is important that this large number of people receive proper psychiatric treatment to improve their lives. In addition, 2.4 million people a year seek mental help from health organizations and clinics. So, what is proper treatment? And how does this treatment influence patients? In order for Psychiatry to be beneficial towards a patient, the doctor must first establish the proper treatment. In order for this to be done, the psychiatrist must be able to name and describe the disorder, which is done through The American Psychiatric Association’s manual, DSM-IV. This book defines 17 major categories of mental disorders, describing the disorders and listing their prevalence. Then, the psychiatrist must treat the illness using one of the 250 types of therapies. It is also important to diagnose mental disorders for legal reasons. For example, courts can use psychiatric diagnosis to assess if a person is competent enough to stand trial. Also, mental diagnosis is important to establish if someone who is mentally ill should be persecuted for his or her crimes. Although some may believe that mentally ill and criminal acts do not correlate, a 1999 U.S Justice Department study found that 283,000 jail and prison inmates had severe mental disorders. So, should the “criminals” be held responsible even though they are suffering from a mental illness and have gone untreated? Many believes it all depends on the offenders diagnosis, and how severe his or her disorder ... ... middle of paper ... ...patients attitude. But, as long as the patient is motivated, confident, and is commited, they should see the results they wished to see and most will end therapy with a fresh persepctive on life. As you can see, psychiatry is an in depth field that is focused around the well being of people with mental disorders or simply for those seeking therapy. There are many studies that prove that mental disorders are in fact real, because there are many biological differences when compared to those of a normal mindset. Also, therapy has been proven effective due to patient behavior comparisions before and after the treatment. “The key ingredients of successful psychotherapy are a patient who can work in therapy, a therapist who can work with his or her patient, and a relationship between the two that makes it possible for them to work together over time” (Strupp 1).

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