Psychiatry Personal Statement

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I am a 26 year old medical graduate from one of the renowned medical schools in India. Currently, I am doing observership at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC. Journey for residency has been a long one that began thousands of miles away. I was born and raised in royal city of North India in a family of doctors, with both my parents working round the clock and my grandparents taking care of me. Our ancestors were peasants by occupation, but they had a vision to educate their children. This vision was carried forward by my grandfather, who was the only one from his village to make it to high school, and later on by my father, who is currently a professor of ophthalmology. Now it is my turn do something, which my father will feel very proud of. My goal is to pursue my medical career in U.S., the world leader in Psychiatry. I have worked hard to put forward my initial steps to achieve this by successfully completing my medical school education.…show more content…
I wanted to be in a challenging field of medicine which is unique, rewarding and can truly make a difference in someone’s life. I found psychiatry closely matching my interests and abilities. My passion for Psychiatry was further strengthened by my personal experiences in my family having both Depression and Alcohol Dependence. I observed why and how different situations and stressors make people behave the way they do. My greatest asset is that I am an excellent listener with good communication skills and these qualities are the cornerstone things which lay the foundation of a Psychiatrist. From my clinical experience, I have gained valuable knowledge about the U.S health

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