Psychiatrist Case Study

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A psychiatrist must fulfill the training and education necessary to obtain this degree. On average for this career is about a 6-8 year process when you plan to receive your doctorates degree. Also it will take about 6 years full time and about 8 if part-time. Therefore you will have accumulated 21 credit hours .in addition if you plan to attend KSU and will be entering their psychology program at their university. The requirements for attending this school is you must maintain a 3.0 GPA the cost for attending this school is about $32,236 with scholarships and $46,236 without (Estimating Cost 1). Financial aid will pay the bulk of the money needed to pay for my college career. The specific course you need to go there is the psychology program and the medical program because you have to license to give out prescriptions for medicine before you graduate.
Understanding the job market and salary competition for psychiatrist will give the necessary expectations and to help set appropriate goals towards this career. There are currently about 7,000 child and adolescent psychiatrists practicing in the U.S. (AACAP Workforce). On average about 40 percent of the college graduates get a job when they graduate because of the high demand. The demand for the services of child and adolescent psychiatry is projected to increase by 100 percent between 1995 and 2020, and for general psychiatry it increased by 19 percent (AACAP Workforce). Therefore the current salary for a psychiatrist in the mental and psychiatric hospital has an hourly salary of $85.42 and annually mean wage of $198,290 (29-1066 Psychiatrists). ...

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With the help from the team of doctor the jury was able to come up with a verdict.
The jury deliberated for five hours and returned a verdict of guilty on 15 counts of murder. Dahmer was sentenced to 15 life terms, a total of 937 years in prison. At his sentencing Dahmer calmly read his four page statement to the court.
The help of forensic psychrist helped play a huge role in solving this case it help the jury to keep a very harmful person off the street.
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