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It is easy to ignore what can be fundamental in a time of need. What happens when your beliefs and attitudes change accordingly to changes in societal norm. How can social psychology be used to analyze the social interactions amongst individuals in a fight or flight moment? What are truly innate behavioral responses and what are situational responses? Social psychology is defined as “the scientific field that seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual behavior, feelings and thoughts in social situations.” (CITATION). Having stated the definition–how can a social psychology perspective help one analyze shows such as The Walking Dead, that place their characters in surreal situation and subject them to the stress that is a zombie apocalypse? The Walking Dead is the perfect illustration of social psychology principles. ____
In the first episode, “Days Gone Bye,” the principles of information overload and conditions of uncertainty can be applied to Rick Grimes. Upon walking up in the hospital, Rick is disoriented after being in a coma for some time. He is further confused upon exiting his hospital bedroom and seering–for the first time–the apocalyptic scenes of the zombie invasion. He roams the hospital looking for someone else, only to discover that he is all alone and a door that is padlocked with many walkers behind it. Upon exiting the hospital he find himself with a field full of corpses that are both dead and walkers. It is at this time that the principle of information overload can be applied to Rick. Rick’s cognitive system is put in overdrive to make sense of what is going around him. Subsequently, the principle of conditions of uncertainty can also be applied. Conditions of uncertainty occur when the correct a...

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...ationship goes beyond being romantically or sexually connected. Rick’s love for Lorie is demonstrated on his need to find her upon waking up. From there is extended to keeping her protected. How exactly does his love for her affect his behavior? First, it influences him to keep and open eye; maintaining both Lorie’s and Carl’s safety a priority. Upon arriving to the CDC, Rick is shocked to learn of the doctors negative outlook. Rick tells him that there is more however, Rick’s more is his wife and child. This love influences Rick to very careful of where he goes so that he always returns back to them. Finally, when Lorie dies giving childbirth, Rick is thrown into a psychological meltdown. His remorse for not expressing his love overwhelm him and make him question his judgement. This is a great example of just how powerful a romantic relationship with love can be.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that social psychology is the scientific field that seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual behavior, feelings, and thoughts in social situations.
  • Analyzes how the principles of information overload and conditions of uncertainty can be applied to rick grimes in "days gone bye."
  • Analyzes how relationships play a central role in an individual's life. after rick found lorie and carl, normalcy returned and friendships played an equally important role.
  • Compares the friendship of andrea and shane, stating that they share similar attitudes, personalities, interests, and values, but also developed a romantic relationship.
  • Analyzes how rick and lorie's romantic relationship shies away from andrea and shanes eros love. the principle of love plays an important role, as well as serving an individuals personal happiness.
  • Analyzes how rick's remorse for not expressing his love overwhelms him and makes him question his judgement.
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