Psy 230 Week 2 Research Paper

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Ohemaa Asantewaa Ofori-Addae PSY 230 Some years ago, teachers and students both struggled with how to teach and how to learn. Each person is unique in their own way so it will depend on how every student understand things. Teachers also have different or particular style in which they also teach. The problem then develops when students and teachers do not match. Piaget through and Vygotsky through their developments showed us how children could be able to learn. For this, I chose to talk about the learning styles of children or students since it is important for them to understand what they are being thought in class. First of all, kindergarten is an important school development in children. One of the teachers said that kindergarten children are so lovely and easy to mold them the way one wants. Kindergarten students have not being in any school setting before and they are mostly coming from home, parents, grandparents or their caregivers. They also absorb and believe…show more content…
One of the teachers made mention of participation of students in class. In this stage moral and ethical lessons are important to them because it shows who they really are. Also, the middle school teacher made mention of the kind of social group middle school students want to belong to. Piaget considered children between the ages of 7 to 12 to be under the Concrete operational stage. In the Concrete Operational stage children develop from egocentric thinking and are more rule-regulated like how the middle school teacher explained it. One of the important aspect of this stage is their identity. She also talked about how crashed or down they are when they do not pass their exams that is SOL. During this stage, the middle teacher said she uses Station based learning where students are broken down or divided in order for them to learn and also differentiation where she creates different skills for students in helping them
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