Psy 220 Week 1 Longevity Assignment

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Longevity Assignment Death is unavoidable; it will happen at some point in everyone's life. However, most people want to put off that event as long as possible. Unfortunately, we do not often behave in ways that will allow us to live for a long time. Northwestern Mutual Financial Network's Longevity Game predicts lifespan by considering a number of current health factors. According to this game, which considers biological, genetic, and behavioral factors, I am living a healthy lifestyle and will live to be eighty-nine years old. Biological factors include my age, sex, height, weight, and blood pressure. Obviously, the higher my age is currently, the higher the age I am likely to achieve. As a woman, I am likely to live longer than a man as…show more content…
While blood pressure seems to be a repeat from the biological section, the game was asking for more than simple blood pressure numbers, but rather my knowledge of my blood pressure and the care I take. As I go to the doctor for preventative care checks and keep an eye on my blood pressure, I am more likely to live longer as issues will be noticed before they reach an emergency situation. Stress management can also impact life expectancy. Everyone has stressors in life; the way we manage them is what impacts our health. I do not currently manage stress well, although I am trying to change my thought processes because I would like my enjoyment of life to go up as well as my life expectancy. I exercise daily, which increases my longevity; if I wished to decrease later disability, I would exercise for longer and include strength building in my routines. My diet is about half and half processed foods and self prepared "real" foods, like fruits and vegetables, and I should change my eating behaviors. I always wear my seatbelt, which decreases the chance of death in an automobile accident, and I have had only one moving violation in the past three years. I drink less than once per week, never more two drinks, and I never drink and drive. I also do not dabble
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