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Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects 125 million people world wide according to the World Psoriasis Day consortium. The origin of psoriasis is unknown, but many doctors and researches believe that genetics, along with environmental factors, trigger a hyperactive reaction of the immune system that leads to the relatively harmless, yet uncomfortable skin disease. The response of the immune system induces skin cells to multiply and mature rapidly, causing the skin cells to accumulate on top of each other and as a result, the skin becomes red, scaly, itchy, and forms thick patches on the skin. Despite that this disease is the most frequent auto-immune disease in the world, there is no cure for it. Not only is there no cure for psoriasis, but this disease can lead to other problems depending on the severeness of the disorder for example: psoriatic arthritis. However, this chronic disease has several treatment options that if used correctly and in a timely manner, will reduce and lessen the symptoms.( Although there is no cure for psoriasis, understanding how it begins, recognizing the symptoms, and learning about treatment options can enhance the quality of life for a person diagnosed with psoriasis.) What initiates psoriasis is unknown, but doctors and researchers do understand how the skin disease develops. What triggers psoriasis remains unidentified, but what is known is that an hyperactive auto-immune response prompts the skin cells to hastily reproduce. For example; healthy skin takes about three weeks to a month to be renewed and replaced with new skin but, in a person diagnosed with psoriasis, their skin cells rapidly reproduce within days and their bodies are unable to slough off the excess skin cells which causes... ... middle of paper ... ...and function of the skin therefore by understanding how psoriasis develops, observing the symptoms, and researching treatment options, a person with psoriasis is able to be more comfortable in their own skin. If a person has psoriasis and understand how it can be triggered, they can lesson their chances of psoriasis flare ups by doing simple tasks such as taking care of their skin or avoiding dry weather. If they know the symptoms of psoriasis, they can prevent the outbreak by applying a low potent cream or by sunbathing. In the end, taking care of their skin by religiously doing treatments will reduce the chances of a flare up or even quickly eliminate an outgoing outbreak. Either way, everyone should take care of their skin because when one thinks about it, its out first most important and effective barrier between our bodies and the outside world.

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