Proud to Be an Obesemerican

Proud to be an Obesemerican
I couldn't open up a magazine, you couldn't read a newspaper, you couldn't turn on the TV without hearing about the obesity epidemic in America.
—Morgan Spurlock
Mr. Sanders retires from fast food and is now obese. He decides to get a checkup by me, Dr. Cerulli. “Hello, Mr. Sanders, It seems your health screening results have come in,” Dr. Cerulli said.
“Sounds terrific,” Mr. Sanders said, with his over-sized checks clapping to his neck fat like an encore.
“While Mr. Sanders was sitting there motionless, with ketchup residue on his shirt, I read the report. Let us we start with your body fat percentage. Your BMI, body mass index, reads at thirty-three percent. That means a third of your body is fat. The extensive consumption from your appealing fast foods puts your body weight is 526 pounds. Your body style in definition is obese. I know it is not genetics. Two years ago when you came in for a checkup, you were in perfect shape, but now it seems you have started a bad eating trend causing you to become obese. Mr. Sanders, do you have an explanation for yourself?”
“Doc, The fast food is so convenient. Every time I lose in a game, I get mad and start eating a lot. I do not care to do many activities at all. My lives now consist of fast food and technology,” Sanders replies with heavy breathing throughout every other word.
This example is a situation of many Americans that go in for checkups. Similar checkups show an increase of unhealthy trends. These bad trends are consuming ridiculous amounts of fast food, inactive life styles, gluttony, and genetic predisposition. Americans are becoming obese because, they are living these trends every day.
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...s by throat. The fact is hard to swallow but there is proof behind my point. If one were to speculate on the causes of obesity, the reason why people are becoming obese is inexpensive fast food restaurants, sedentary lifestyles, eating disorders, and genetics,” says Dr.Cerulli.
Mr. Sanders replies, “How could I prepare myself next time I come in for a checkup?”
Dr.Cerulli counters, “We must create a new trend to do with this old one.”
However, now that one is able to identify the causes of why so many Americans are becoming obese, a new approach to the trend could propose a solution to the rise of obesity. A new foundation to propose a solution for the rise in the average Americans obese life could be consuming more organic foods and less fast food, start new active lifestyle, containing ones eating disorders, and overcoming ones genetic disposition of obesity.

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