Protection of Intellectual rights in China

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Protection of Intellectual rights in China

Abstraction: Along with Chinese economic reform and open-door policy, current Chinese government made great effort in protecting intellectual rights. Since 1983, China has built an integrated legal system to ensure this protection. On the other hand, many foreign investors and governments still have a lot of complains about the current situation in China and have tried to ask Chinese government make more commitment. In this article, we believe that the difficulty of protecting intellectual rights may not be caused by Chinese government but more importantly caused by the lack of moral emotiveness among Chinese people for this protection. We also try to explain the reasons for this absence from Chinese culture, history, and current economic situation and ethnic theories. In conclusion, we believe that the intellectual rights won’t be able to be effectively protected in China until Chinese people feel they have moral obligations (not just legal obligation) to do so.

Introduction: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in China

China is a country with a large population of 1.4 billion and five thousand year history. For a long time, China had been relatively isolated from the rest of world and developed her unique culture and ethnic system. In the mid-1800s, China was forced by western powers to open her door. In 1949, Chinese Communist Party took over power and China closed the door again because of international environment at that time. It wasn't until the late 1970s that China began economic reform and adopted open-door policy. After then, Chinese economy booms and China becomes more and more merger with the world.

China began to realize the importance of protecting int...

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