Protection, Reintegration, And Resettlement Of IDPs

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Short description The IDP project in Bosasso, Punt land Somalia, was established in 2007 by UN and With aim of improving human security and living standards and providing durable solutions with reintegration and resettlement of IDPs [ ] and returnees in Bosaso, Somalia. (UN2008) The project was very strategic and contextual; and it tried to find basic problems in the area and creates a solution based on the existing opportunities and with limited financial funds gained from NGOs. The goals of the project were to create better ways to protect temporary and permanent settlements from violence; to create improved living condition that gives access to basic services (including infrastructure, drinking water, and education and health services); to provide income generation opportunities and to plan resettlement of the IDP on the alternative rural land. The project helped thousands of IDPs and immigrants to resettle and start a better life. Besides this the project contributed in upgrading human knowledge in terms of educational training for IDPs, municipal workers and authorities. It also structured legal matters like security of tenure that later became a reference for the rest of municipalities in Somalia. Its success has been replicated to other IDPs in Bosasso and other cities of the country. Site Bosaso is a city in the northeastern region of Somalia. It is a commercial capital for the region and is a major seaport within the autonomous Puntland state. The city has a population of 700,000 and is the third largest in the country after Mogadishu [2] and Hargeisa. Due to its less proximity from the war zone, it is relatively peaceful part of the country. It is a place of attraction for the immigrants from war stricke... ... middle of paper ... ...014 - Quero, Widmer, Aitken, Peterson, Safety and security: Bossaso, OCVP, 2011 - UNHCR, July 2011b. Somali Refugees in the Region. Available at: January 8,2014 - UNHCR, 2012. UNHCR Country Operations Profile- Somalia. Available at: January 8,2014 - UN, Refugee Reports, in: UN refugee report Vol. 21, 2000(7) - UN, BOSSASO: first steps towards strategic urban planning, 2009 - UNDP, Assessment of Development results: Evaluation of UNDP contribution on Somalia, Evaluation office, 2010 - UN-HABITAT in the Somali Region, updates on the latest urban interventions – 7th issue, 2009 - UN, PROTECTION, REINTEGRATION AND RESETTLEMENT OF IDPs, UN, 2008 - USAID, Report Bosaso Urban Household Economy Study, USAID report, 2011

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