Protection In Antigone By Sophocles

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The will to protect
The story of “Antigone” by Sophocles takes place after the banishment of Oedipus when his two boys Polyneices and Eteocles killing each other in a battle over the thrown. This causes a disruption of emotions and personalities which causes them to change; Whether it is absolute willpower, stubbornness, and the act of protection. We can find many of these changes in Ismene and the other characters. We see Ismene’s intentions is the beginning of the of the play when Antigone asks for help with something that is deemed forbidden.
Ismene:Bethink thee, sister, of our father’s fate, Abhorred, dishonored, self-convinced of sin, Blinded himself his Executioner… (Sophocles 1237)
Ismene:Bethink thee, sister, we are left alone;
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By saying “Is e’en this boon denied to share thy lot(Sophocles 1249)? We see that Ismene wants to share the death penalty with her sister which shows how devoted she is and that she willing to do anything to be with her sister. Even though Antigone denied Ismene’s request Ismene continues to try and follow her sister. Her feeling for Antigone will never falter as will her stubbornness. Ismene is willing to die with her sister and doesn’t give in to Antigone saying no; not only does this show how stubborn Ismene can be, it also shows that she has the willpower to seek things to the end. Ismene is a one of a kind character in this play because of her devotion and kindness to her sister. If the two boys Polyneices and Eteocles were still alive it is likely that Creon would find another way to rid the state of them. In that moment Ismene would definitely be the one who protects them while keeping the family from killing each other. During the conversation from the quote above the line “But now we stand convicted, both alike(Sophocles 1249).” Ismene said that they were both convicted. From this we see that Ismene “in her eyes” are sharing the fate from Antigone 's actions. She is willing to share her fate and yet again shows how stubborn she can be when it comes to being with her sister. In the end there wasn’t much Ismene can do other than provide support, comfort, and protection for her sister Antigone. Ismene tried her best by urging her sister not to go after the body of her brother. In doing so she was not able to stop the action of her sister and wound up being an only child left in the cursed family
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