Protecting Religion In The Workplace Case Study

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Borstorff, P. (2011). Protecting Religion in the Workplace? What Employees Think.
Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, 14(1), 59-70. Retrieved from
The author, Patricia Borstorff, is a distinguished professor of management at Jacksonville State University. In this article, Borstorff (2011) contributes to the discussion of accommodating religious expression in the workplace. The article discusses the increasing diversification of today’s workforce regarding ethnicity, culture, religion and language. It also discusses the need for employers to become better prepared to deal with religious issues. “Businesses should
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Eileen P. Kelly was a tenured professor in Ithaca College’s School of Business and specialized in management, business ethics, and employment law. She was noted for her scholarly work and publications concerning business ethics, employment rights, religion and employee workplace rights, privacy rights, labor and management history. In this article, Kelly (2008) discusses the degree of religious diversity in the United States, the factors influencing religious expression in the workplace, the most common types of religious expression in the workplace and the extent of the legal obligations an employer has to accommodate them. “Clearly, religion and spirituality are key concerns of the American population. It should come as no surprise therefore that Americans would bring those beliefs into the workplace” (Kelly, 2008, p. 46).
Lund Dean, K., Safranski, S. R., & Lee, E. S. (2014) Religious accommodation in the workplace: Understanding religious identity threat and workplace behaviors in legal disputes. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 26(2), 75-94.

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