Protect The Earth Essay

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The universe is a vast, mysterious place filled with an estimated one hundred billion galaxies, within each galaxy, there are one hundred billion stars, and an estimated 〖10〗^24 planets. The Milky Way galaxy contains eight planets, one of them is the complex Earth. Earth is a rich planet containing things such as icy mountain peaks, steep canyons, lava, and towering waterfalls. All these things are what make it possible for our planet to sustain all of its beautiful life from the numerous plant and animal species. The Earth’s processes are crucial for the human species to know in order to protect it from the harsh chemicals and pollutants that are emitted into the atmosphere. There is only one Earth, so humans must protect it and to protect it you must have an understanding of how it works and its history. The Earth is thought to have been formed around 4.6 billion years ago, by accretion from the solar nebula…show more content…
They reshape the surface by three plate movements, the convergent boundary, the divergent boundary, and the transform boundary. The Convergent Boundary also known as the destructive plate boundary is what creates mountains. In this boundary, two plates collide with one another, destroying some of the earth’s crust on impact. There are three different results that come from plates colliding depending on which ones crash into one another. When oceanic and continental plates collide, it causes one plate to subduct and sink into the mantle, the plate that subducts is typically the oceanic lithosphere because it is less dense. When two oceanic plates collide one plate may be forced under the other, causing magma to rise, creating volcanoes. The third result occurs when two continental plates collide, the impact from these two plates colliding forms mountain ranges. There are five different types of mountains, including Fold, Fault block, Dome, Plateau, and Volcanic
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