Protagonists looking for Happiness in Death of a Salesman”, “The Great Gatsby”, and “The Devil’s Advocate

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Often having happiness is finding the key to life. Happiness is the ability to make one’s life full of joy and success. In the “Death of a Salesman”, “The Great Gatsby”, and “The Devil’s Advocate”, the protagonists in the movies seem to yearn for happiness and success in their lives. Although success may be the ultimate goal to achieving happiness, it does not always lead us there. There are many obstacles people have to overcome, and sometimes happiness is not enough for some people. It is why I believe more people should enjoy life and live it to the fullest extent as possible. Happiness allows people to live their lives and look at the good despite all their flaws and as they are happy they look back at what it took for them to achieve happiness. In “Death of a Salesman”, Willy Loman the protagonist is attempting to find out what it takes to be happy. Willy wants to become a great man in life and fails on numerous occasions. Unlike Keanu, and Gatsby, Willy can be coined a failure and dies a “failure”. He yearns for the “American Dream”, and believes if he has that he will get the success, and respect, especially out of his family that he desires. Willy works his whole life to achieve success, but finds it very difficult to achieve. He never ends up finding it. Willy yearns to be liked. He is a salesperson who is looking to make the most out of his life. Willy worked hard and attempted many times to achieve the success he was looking for, but he never did get it. His death could have been considered more successful than his life. The “American Dream” requires hard work and dedication and in being a salesperson, Willy had both, but I think his dream had to be a little more attainable where he could have worked harder for somethin... ... middle of paper ... ...e different paths to achieve the American dream. One of the three men achieve happiness, but to a certain extent. Gatsby was successful, but eventually dies unhappy as does Willy from “Death of a Salesman”. Keanu lives to see another day and is able to live life after experiencing a life changing dream. Keanu’s perspective on life changes and he seems to want to live it morally and ethically. He would rather fight each and every day to achieve happiness and the American Dream. I believe many of us wish for a second chance when making mistakes. I think all three men needed to be happy that they lived a life so beautiful and realize that every day is a blessing. Life in itself is something to be happy about and these men need to possess these qualities in order to be happy. With time, success can be founded as a foundation is built as they work hard each and every day!
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