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Protagonists The protagonists in “The Yellow Wallpaper”, “The Storm”, and “Eveline” all seem to have similarities in their character. They are all women that have lived in an era in which women are seen as nothing. This woman had no identity in this world because they were told what to do by men. Human nature is also another important element that these women have in common. Calixta from “The Storm” is a married woman with a family. She is living in a time period in which woman have no control in what goes on in their life. The husband handles everything and she does the housework and childbearing. Te other two women in the novels seem to be in the same situation. Throughout the novel there seems to be a lot of sexuality and passion as another man enters the picture. This man is an old boyfriend who comes to take shelter from “The Storm”. Calixta and Alcee rediscover the passion there is between them. “Alcee’s arm encircled her, and for an instant he drew her close and spasmodically to him” (362). While the storm is going on outside the passion inside the house is also storming between Calixta and Alcee. In “The Yellow Wallpaper” the protagonists is also dealing with the issues of control with her husband. She is also living in the same era as Calixta where she is told what to do. This poor woman seems to have been pushed in to the state of mind that she is currently in because of her husband. She basically was living in a prison with watch guards at her side. She ...

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