Protagonist Of Paradise Lost : Satan

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Protagonist of Paradise Lost: Satan (Analyze Satan as the main character of Paradise Lost: is he a hero or villain?) During the seventeenth century John Milton dared to write an epic poem like no one had ever seen before. This work displays Milton 's genius because he wrote this epic after he became blind, yet he is very deliberate and crafty the way he develops the characters and the plot. Paradise Lost became a representation of a famous story from the Bible, specifically the book of Genesis which tells a story of the first man and woman that lived on Earth. This story however lacks many details that people automatically assume when they read this tale. Milton 's Paradise Lost is the reason for these assumptions. He interprets this story and explains in detail the entirety of the story of the Garden of Eden and the first humans. However, rather than God or even Adam and Eve being the main characters, the protagonist of the epic is Satan. This could be interpreted by the reader in several different ways such as, perhaps Milton wanted people to sympathize with Satan, maybe Milton wanted to use Satan 's perspective to defend God, or it possibly could have simply been that Milton wanted to attempt something that no one had before by turning the villain into the protagonist. The intent behind making Satan the protagonist of Paradise Lost could have very well been Milton wanted people to sympathize with Satan. People are all flawed in some way or another. This text is Milton 's explanation of why people aren 't and can 't be perfect. Adam and Eve yielded to the temptation of Satan so now we all have a little of the devil inside of us. Because of the evil inside of us all we are able to relate to Satan more than God. Satan in this ... ... middle of paper ... ...stand his motives and his way of thinking. Milton attempted something practically unheard of and a revolutionary concept was developed. Stories are no longer so black and white because Milton presented the possibility of looking at an event through the eyes of the person most people would believe to be evil and show that these characters are more deserving of our sympathy than we realize. His intention to defend God through Satan 's perspective allowed people to be more understanding towards the fact that they would experience bad things in life, but that didn 't mean that God didn 't care. Milton gave people hope through his ingenious decision to make Satan the protagonist. It also is one of the reasons that his work became so famous. Milton truly accomplished his goal to create a work that would be just as good or even better than the best literature in the world.
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