Prostitution in Utah

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The prostitution called the oldest profession that can have bad or positive postures. While in the past centuries had more positive perception about prostitution because it was considerate as unavoidable evil. Then, the posture that the United State of America has about prostitution is important influence in the majority states. This is the case of Utah that the 20th century has implemented a prohibit policy in prostitution which affect in many ways the life of the sex workers who are vulnerable situation because they are persecuted and marginalize for their profession.
The panoramic about how sex workers are involved was desolate in the majority situations. The common of them have been assaulted during young years, in many occasions they were initiated in prostitution during childhood, and few of these sex workers said that they are in this profession because they chose. They do not have easy life because they are sometimes addicted to some drugs or mental health problems. They do not have health coverage or other services which are necessary as the rest of population.
During the 1...
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