Prostitution and Legislation

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Prostitution and Legislation

Sex for sell. For some prostitution is a victimless crime while others fight hard in the hopes of one day abolishing prostitution forever. The topic of prostitution remains a greatly debated issue even after so many years of existence. Prostitution existed as far back in time as ancient Athens and ancient Rome. In Rome, prostitutes were licensed by the state and taxed. Prostitution continued to flourished through out Europe until the High Middle Ages with the outbreak of the syphilis epidemic and Reformation morality (Academic American Encyclopedia 91). In most large Western cities today prostitution is illegal but tolerated, because police there are more concerned with regulating the crimes, organized by crime syndicates, associated with prostitution (Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 94). Other Western governments combine regulated prostitution with public health measures to control disease (American Academic Encyclopedia 91).

Prostitution has lasted and survived every attack by civilization to end it. Some would say that for as long people have both money and sexual frustration some will continue to pay others to satisfy them ( Bovard 18). Existing throughout the world and time, prostitution has managed to survive, however a growing number of people are beginning to look at the effect legalization of or strict laws for prostitution would have on a community.

Prostitution in the world is alive and well despite the fact that is it consider

illegal in most developed countries (Academic American Encyclopedia 91). Some see it as an issue of safety in out neighborhoods and other take it on as a moral issue. However, because of the spread of disease and what seems to be a futile battle, many cities in America and other countries are considering the possibility of legalization and regulation of prostitution. In Britain, it is considered legal to sell sex but, the associated activities including soliciting, advertising, street walking, and running brothels is illegal ("Green-light areas" 73). The article "Green-Light Area" talks of how the police in Britain tend to turn a blind eye to prostitution and go after the pimps and drug-dealers who are connected with the prostitution (73).This method of policing is different from that in America where police concentrate on the prostitutes themselves. Brothels are also given license in Britain. The thinking being that is it allows regular visits by health officials who check basic standards of hygiene and can dispose of dirty needles ("Green-Light Area" 73).
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