Prostitution Should be Legal on College Campuses

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Prostitution Should be Legal on College Campuses

I am sure that there are some of you that are thinking, "Prostitution on college campuses, he can't be serious!?" but indeed I am. After all, how hard have you ever thought about the subject? Probably not much, if ever. I mean really, the most any typical guy usually thinks while walking across campus or at a party is geeze, I wish I could get to know her. Well, fortunately for you I am going to give you the low down as to why legalizing prostitution should be implemented on college campuses. I know most of you guys will agree, and possibly some girls, with what I have to say, but I'm sure there will be many critics opposing this change. However, with appropriate monitoring, I believe that State U. should legalize campus prostitution.

First, I must say that I am not trying to create the impression in people's minds that I want to see young college students, especially women, roaming the campus streets trying to turn a trick. That would just be insane because that person could only end up getting hurt. What I am envisioning is an escort service. Girls and guys would be able to dial a number where they can acquire the company of someone for the evening. True identities of all parties involved would be concealed to respect privacy, and only ISU students would be allowed to use the service. This way, it would just be the college students, and not the community that would benefit from this service.

One of the things that college students suffer from the most is stress, why else do they break the law and go out and get trashed from drinking each weekend? By getting overly stimulated by alcohol, they forget about the stressful week that they just endured. Sex could possibly become a substitute for this, therefore reducing the number of underage drinkers. After all, it has been proven that a little physical activity can rejuvenate the body and leave you feeling refreshed and energized; ready to take on new and challenging tasks. On the flip side though, it can be argued that some people might take advantage of the system and try to pay for sex when they are not truly stressed out. A person may simply want to have sex and making an appointment may possibly take away the service from someone who truly needs it.

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