Prostitution Should Be Legal

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Prostitution and human trafficking are taking place all over the world despite the legal restrictions put upon them. According to Ronald Weitzer, “The sex industry refers to the workers, managers, owners, agencies, clubs, trade associations, and marketing involved in sexual commerce, both legal and illegal varieties” (1). There are many questions that arise when discussing the sex industry. Should prostitution be legalized? If it were to be legalized, would anything change? Is prostitution morally acceptable? What is being done to stop human trafficking? There is not one correct answer for any these questions, but each question can be analyzed by scholars who have different opinions on the issue. Prostitution should be legal while human trafficking should not.

One reason for the legalization of prostitution is the money aspect. Weitzer states that, “In 2006 alone, Americans spent $13.3 billion on X-rated magazines, videos and DVDs, live sex shows, strip clubs, adult cable shows, computer pornography, and commercial telephone sex” (1). If all of these things are legal to purchase why can’t prostitution be legal too? The sex industry is very successful and is in demand. Weitzer’s research showed that, “Rentals and sales of X-rated films jumped from $75 million in 1985 to $957 million in 2006” (1). Imagine how much additional money could be thrown into the economy if prostitution was legalized. Prostitution is happening everyday whether it is legal or not so why not tax it and help out the economy?

Weitzer states that, “Approximately 80,000 arrests are made in the United States every year for violation of prostitution laws” (21). Prostitutes are not causing any harm. They are just pleasuring someone and pleasuring...

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