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Prostitution one of the world’s oldest professions, yet it is still criminalized. In the United States, Prostitution is illegal except for the state of Nevada, where only certain counties have legalized prostitution. Prostitution has been criminalized in our society and we associate prostitution with something illegal and immoral because we are taught that it is detrimental to our society. Stigmatization of prostitution is as conventional as any other form of social constructions we are taught to follow. “Stigma increases violence. Various studies have noted a correlation between anti-sex work rhetoric that sees street-based workers as a nuisance or a threat to public order and an increase in violence against workers” (Koster). Fifty-eight percent of American prostitutes reported a violent assault at the hands of clients and as a society, it is our duty to minimize the struggles they face. In legalizing prostitution in registered brothels and for independent sex workers, we create a safe option for people who are trying to earn an honest living for themselves. Legalizing prostitution would result in an increased tax revenue, safer public health, decrease in criminal activities, and less violence against women. Some would argue that legalizing prostitution would be immoral because it degrades the society’s values and goes against the norms. However, we as a society we need to realize that prostitution has been in our society since the beginning of civilization and calling prostitution immoral when sex workers are just trying to earn money to survive is impermissible because they are not hurting anyone. As a matter fact, the majority of the men and women who enter prostitution do it because they are financially disadvantaged and hav... ... middle of paper ... ...ution, a utilitarian would argue that sometimes personal sacrifices need to be made to maximize the happiness of everyone involved. Utilitarians would also suggest that our moral decisions should be made from an unbiased point of view therefore if someone believes that prostitution is inherently immoral, they would have to consider the factors from another point of view and every unbiased viewpoint shows that criminalization of prostitution is inherently wrong.. So legalizing prostitution even though some people disagree with legalization but their pleasure outweighs the number of people in pain. I recognize that prostitution goes against the norms in our society however, we need to evolve as a society and adapt to the ways that bring the best outcomes in order to prosper as a nation. Criminalizing prostitution would on be detrimental to our society in the long term.

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