Prostitution Case Study

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Prostitution is one of the oldest trades in the world. This is about studies showing that exchange of sex for money and favor begun as early as the ancient period. There are approximately 2,000,000 prostitutes operating in the red-lights of US (Loue, S., & Sajatovic, 2012). These are made up of elderly and young girls who trail into the sex clubs and brothels in red light districts. It is also reported that the number of women working as commercial sex workers who have not identified themselves as such or registered with sex workers unions is more than those who have registered. This then brings the primary question of who a prostitute is. Janssen (2010), a Netherlands’ scholar argues that a prostitute is anyone (woman) who offer sex for pay…show more content…
This can only be possible if the person has established a personal connection with his/her job that ignites his/her sense of survival. In other words, people who engage in prostitution must either be doing so at their conviction or forced by circumstances. It must, therefore, be understood that not all prostitutes are victims of human trafficking. US streets are filled with many indigenous prostitutes than the trafficked women into the country. The prostitutes are faced with self-generated plights. This explains the reason as to why the government seems to be sluggish in having prostitution legalized. However, many of the young girls in red light districts are traded by nature into prostitution. These are women who engage in prostitution as a way of finding for themselves and their families. These are the commercial sex workers who work day and light. They are the most affected group by the harsh working environment. They encounter a customer who turn into sex predators and exploits their guilt into the trade. The customers take advantage of the fact of that prostitution is illegal to abuse the women sexually through rape and beating. Cases of women having been beaten in the sex trade are very common in the street clinics. However, the law remains enclosed on how it can handle these cases. Such leads to many victims uncompensated and the criminals going scot-free. These cases perhaps support the push to have prostitution legalized so as to protect the prostitutes against violence by their
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