Prostitution And Prostitution

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Analyzing Prostitution Sociological Concepts
Prostitution is a form of job that is looked down upon in society; it is even illegal in most Western culture and other cultures around the world. Yet there are so many active prostitutes in the U.S and so many customers providing the prostitute a job and income. Although there are a few prostitutes that choose this source of a job because they enjoy it; most are either driven into this form of a job because of their low-income situation or because they are pushed by society or a pimp. In some places like German and some Asian countries prostitution is legal but, yet it’s still looked down upon by society. Sex in most culture and society is looked at as a sacred act and should be saved for marriage
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Legalizing prostitution expands it, which also helps pimps, fails to protect women, and leads to more back-alley violence,” (Bazelon E, 2008). Adding to the concept of functionalist theory, although it is a crime prostitution is still around because it has served many important functions for people in society and our society in general. like I have mentioned earlier, prostitution is a source of income for some women who would be jobless without this crime. Since it's not only women in this practice it gives a sexual alternative for men to participate in the deviant act who are hiding their sexuality; or men who are not sexually satisfied. Prostitution plays a role in lowering the divorce rate; since there are many married men are unfortunately unhappy with the sex life they have with their wives. Most men would resort to a type of affair with some other woman, but risk the problem of the woman falling in love either him or catching feelings, which then can cause these men their marriage. Causing other men to turn to a prostitute instead of an affair. Since prostitution is mostly a job and is emotionless, nobody falls in love so the marriages are mostly not threatened. Lowering divorces by not much but a…show more content…
2017 Pg.31) prostitution reflects and shows the economic inequality in the society. Many poor women feel the need to become prostitutes because of their lack of money; since wealthier women do not experience this problem and have other sources of income, they do not feel the need to act in this crime and can easily look down on the idea of becoming a prostitute. Conflict theorists, analyze prostitution as a part of a large problem of inequality and lack of resources. Women have not had the most equal access to economic opportunities. Although it’s getting rarer in some societies, women are forbidden to own their own property; and in others, they suffer discrimination when trying to work and earn money to support themselves. When they are denied the opportunity to be able to support themselves, they must rely economically on others support such as men. To a conflict theorist, there is very little difference is a woman exchanges her sexual availability by a job such as prostitution or by marriage; the overall cause is the same which is to depend on a
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