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Prostitution has been called the world’s oldest profession but it’s one of the most controversial debates in America. Prostitution is the provision of sexual services for negotiated payment between consenting adults. So defined, prostitution is a service industry in which people exchange sexual favors for money or other reward. It 's high time to legalize and regulate this part of American culture which will lead to reduction of violence and keeping sex workers healthy.
Safety is normally number one for all prostitutes and brothel owners, because a safe location is better for business but we 're not helping them by making consenting sex work a crime. 95% of those in prostitution experienced sexual harassment that would be legally actionable
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There are eight counties in Nevada where regulated brothels are licensed. Studies indicate these brothels are effective at controlling the violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and community disorder typically associated with prostitution. The Nevada system provides protection from many of these since they restrict locations to smaller counties. Prostitutes would feel more protected since they are located indoors and they would be able to contact the police for protection. Since the practices are legal, a good relationship with local police allows for more protection as they can report any customer that gets out of control. These brothels themselves provide protection by grouping prostitutes together, by bringing together new and experienced prostitutes it allows for training to happen and better protection practices to be learned. Many brothels restrict leaving while on duty and to provide services outside a building due to lack of…show more content…
For every arrest, there goes two thousand dollars. “The study points out, police officers arrested 74,550 people for prostitution in America 's 16 largest cities in 1985,” That makes $149,100,000 towards prostitution arrest. All residents pay a high price for police protection. We expect a higher arrest rate for violent crimes. These arrests are taking disproportionately high toll on law enforcement resources" to the point that we cannot afford to keep these ‘crimes’ illegal. We legalize and regulate a ton of commerce that 's morally controversial — like gambling, alcohol, tobacco, lap-dancing, and
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