Prosocial Behaviour Case Study

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There are many different factors that influence a child’s behaviour. It is up to early childhood educators to know these factors and how to help them overcome the challenges. Firstly, the environment and the people within in it, have an important role in influencing the behaviour of children. When teachers create a calm and secure environment, they are indirectly influencing the children’s behaviour. Gordon and Browne (2014), state that children are least likely to misbehave when provided with toys and activities that are entertaining and engaging. Therefore, children are able to feel relaxed and are more willing to listen to adults. Having an environment with enough space that allows children to move from different areas, without causing…show more content…
This is why early childhood teachers need to know and use different strategies that can influence positive prosocial behaviours in children. One strategy that teachers could use I modelling. Modelling is where teachers are able to show children the positive behaviours expected from them. Since children are learning by observing others, modelling is a low interactive strategy for teachers to use (Arthur, Beecher, Death, Dockett and Farmer, 2012). Children are able to learn positive behaviours though watching interactions between teachers and other children. According to Hyson and Taylor (2011), this strategy works, since children are more likely to develop prosocial behaviour through imitation. An example of prosocial behaviour could be when a teacher is consistently generous and caring towards the children. Children are more likely going to copy this behaviour when observing. Another strategy to promote prosocial behaviour which can be used by teachers is through building a secure relationship with children. Since children’s learning and, social and emotional development is strongly influenced by relationships (Ministry of Education, 1996). Teachers can use their secure relationship with children to help influence prosocial skill development by acknowledging children’s behaviour. Though acknowledgment teachers are teachers are able to praise good behaviour (Arthur et al., 2012). This
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