Prose passage from “The Kite Runner”

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“The Kite Runner,” written by Khaled Hosseini contains many passages that describe the class differences in Afghanistan and the discrimination encountered. The beginning of chapter four does this especially well, by talking about the relationship between Amir and Hassan which portrays the theme of social class discrimination. Amir’s father was extremely close to a man who was a servant boy but never called him his friend because of the social class differentiation. The effects from his father's relationship with the servant man radiates onto Amir and his relationship with Hassan. The theme of social class discrimination also has to do with the historical context of where the passage took place and irony of the friendships in the entire book as a whole. In a Passage from “The Kite Runner,” Khaled Hosseini captivates the audience with a real life struggle of social class discrimination in Afghanistan by using a major theme encountered through the entire book along with historical context and irony.
The narrator Amir makes a few points pertaining to the strict idea of social c...
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