Pros Of Raising Minimum Wage

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Raising minimum wage to a higher amount than what it currently is will increase the cost of living. This means that the cost of housing food, clothing, utilities, and even gas will rise. A raise in minimum wage could also cause businesses to have to close their doors due to having to pay employees more on their paychecks. Also this will give people a free pass to get a higher pay, but be able to slack at doing their jobs. A raise in wages will make cost in products go up, so then employers will not be able to afford to pay employees the higher minimum wage. This being said, another issue would be that it will cause an increase in job loss. “Raising wages would boost employee paychecks, but it could cause cost-conscious companies to reduce hiring”…show more content…
This also means more taxes can be claimed back at tax time. Lower minimum wage means that there is less time for employee’s families and self-time, because they will have to work more overtime just to get that extra money on their paychecks. Having little family time due to working day in and day out, could cause families to fight and end up splitting. All-in-all raising minimum wage will provide happy employees, because they will be able to have more family time. No overtime would have to be worked unless they absolutely wanted to work more. It would decrease the huge struggle to support their families. It has not been proven yet, that a raise in minimum wage will cause job loss. Yes, higher pay would cause the hair on employer’s neck to stand up, but they should realize that higher pay will decrease the amount of overtime that they have to pay employees. Kimbra McCarthy in her article, “Raising the Minimum Wage-Coming Soon to A Community Near You”, mentions that, “While the U.S. economy has improved in the intervening years since the Great Recession, the federal minimum wage has remained at $7.25 per hour since 2009. At the start of 2016, 30 states and numerous local governments have enacted a higher minimum wage than the federal rate”
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