Pros Of Legalizing Drugs

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The Good That Comes With Legalizing Imagine having to sneak around to do something and having to worry about getting caught. It makes you get paranoid and fearful. Or worse trying something just because it 's illegal, it draws your attention why it 's not allowed for everyone to use it. This is what drugs being illegal feel like for most people that have used drugs. They might not even be getting hurt because of drugs, yet they aren 't allowed to use them. Drugs have always been a huge problem not only in America but everywhere. When people talk about drugs they usually point out all the bad it does, for the health and economy. There are many ways that legalizing drugs could help everyone. Legalizing drugs not only would provide…show more content…
People will actually become educated on drugs. It 's surprising how many take drugs without knowing how bad it could harm their bodies. Addicts won 't be as afraid to get help from programs or those close to them. Addiction can really only be treated with the help of someone. Addicts can 't do it themselves, and if they try they often fail and it leads them to death. Drugs bought on the streets are often more dangerous than the drug itself. These dealers find ways to earn more money even if it is hurting their clients more. They mix these drugs with other substances to make their amounts of drugs larger. Or they mix drugs with substances that make this high “greater” but actually kill or cause bad effects on people. Prisons are becoming overcrowded which only leaves us one option, to reduce random prisoners sentences. These prisoners could be worse than drug users, which only go on and cause more harm to others. The black market just keeps growing with drugs not being legal. This is only causing more violence everywhere. Drugs being legal could save more lives than you